Friday, 8 July 2011

Just some cards

Hey there bloggers,
hope you are all having a  dandy day, well lve been back in my little room making more cards, l was hoping to get some scrapping done, but  l did have a couple of cards to make , one for DH's Dad  who is not well at the moment and his mum who has a birthday coming up .
For anyone who's been reading my blog, in one of my last posts, l mentioned not having any man stamps, well, yesterday my first one arrived and , just in time to make a card for davids dad and l'm really happy with the finished product, l havn't made many man cards, l think the sanded stamp is gunna get a bit of a work out.

and here is the inside with the wonderful sanded stamp, just  lov'in it.

 The next card l made for davids mum, l have sort of done a little bit of casing here from the beautiful card marker Tenneal Williams,  a while back on her blog , she was using the brayer in her card work, which l think looks so rustic, and gives it  a lovely worn - sort of blended look, so l had to give it  a go, it brought back memories of my painting days .So thanks for inspiring me Tenneal, love your work.

 I'm having so much fun with this techique, l just had to make another one.

Anyway, maybe now l can get some scrapping done and maybe even try the brayer on my pages........kate xxx

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