Monday, 27 February 2012


Hi and welcome to project life week 8, another couple of days and we will be heading into March, can you believe it, wont be long and we will be putting up the christmas deco's again, 2012 seems to be just zooming along. well this week l must say l have struggled a bit with my picture taking, and l had been busy with other projects and then other times l forgot to take my camera, and lm a week late putting something in about poor Whitney, a few of my photos this week are not real clear which was dissapointing, but on well what do you do. So here goes, here are the page spreads
and now for some close ups
the week 8 pocket,lve cut some pink card and made a banner, and then used a line stamp across and down the page to make the grid, popped on a doiley , a W and photo word embellishment, its amazing what you find when you go through your stash.My little tribute to Whitney, this story is just so sad, l used a PL core card and a embossed circle a sympathy stamp, some American craft thickers and a little butterfly stamp from a Ali Edwards set.
A pic of a couple of pages that lve been working on for a mini album project , lve used some Stampin up paper and a core card for the pockets with some stamps and a arrow, which is another stamp, and l was thrilled this week when my A.Studio stamps turned up and l could use the Document Life Stamp on the PL card.
Second side we have a pic of some of the girls that come to card class, which is not that clear,(sorry), just added a simple little flag with a enjoy stamp, lve also used some patterned paper from the PL kit and added a butterfly stamp and a quote from a stamp set, the little pockets l have kept the docket from the book depository from the book l brought, lve stamped onto a tag with some Ali Edwards stamps and attached to a free download card, sorry, l cant remember what site l got it from, and added a little brad from pink paisley and a little thank- you note to Julie, who sent me a e-mail about the book, THANKS again Julie, l really enjoyed the book and could'nt put it down l had it read in 12 hours. And the next 2 pockets are on Lu-lu getting her bath, so there you have another week documented for life, so glad lve been able to keep up with this so far, l just have to remember to take more photos this week. Hope everyone else is still enjoying too, have a great week and see you all for week 9.

Monday, 20 February 2012


Hi there to all project lifers, wow, week 7 already, where are the weeks going, well its been just a average week here, nothing to exciting happened, but is was the week of LOVE, l have to tell you something amazing, when l was taking photos for last week , one of the days we had was just perfect, there was no wind or rain , just lots of sunshine and not to hot or cold, so off l went with my camera and started to take a pics of the sky, l didnt want to miss such a perfect day, now fast forward to monday and off l go to get photos developed, get them home ready to scrap, and l just happen to notice the shape of one of the clouds,it was in a shape of a heart, well how amazing l thought, then l thought ld just check what day l took it, well of course it was on valentines day, so anyway, other photos l took were of some florist and gift shop displays that l saw, the reflection on one of the windows was a bit spoiled ,but oh well, some of the other pockets lve just decorated with LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE bits and pieces
lve also added another 6x12 page again this week, the first side is about our valentines outing, we dont buy each other anything anymore, l think its all got a bit commercial and the price they put on flowers just for that one day is just over the top, so we celebrate our day with a day or night out for dinner together , which we did on sunday and not tuesday, on the other side of the 6x12 are the cards we gave each other, l made mine of course, on the top part of the page l used one of Ali's Stamps and just stamped all over the background and then used the same stamp in a different colour to go in the centre.
Next page lve added a pic of a rose magazine that my mum had sent me and the note that she wrote,the note also had a blackspot recipe for roses, using all natural products,so lve popped that into one of the pockets, l love the way dated it and had the address on it, great to look back on in years to come, as to when it was sent and where she loved at the time, thanks mum. Also a fish that David caught and a run down of what we did on Saturday, went to Westfield shopping centre, had KFC for lunch and went to a scrapbook shop, so that was my week.
well l hope you all had a great week and a lovely Valentines Day, see you all next week.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Hi happy scrappers, well heres to another week down and documented, this is still so much fun, l hope everybody else is still feeling the love of PL and clicking away with their life, and finding inspiration from other project lifers, l love looking around at the creative mums website to see what everyone else is up to in there everyday life. So heres my week. Most of my week has been spent in the garden doing clean up jobs and a bit a planting and transplanting, not really the best time of the year to be transplanting here, with the hot weather, but when the urge strikes l just do it and add pently of water and hope for the best, This week was also our first meeting for the Life group, where we went and enjoyed a cuppa with eachother and caught up to dicuss what we will be focusing on for 2012. In my first pocket l've used a journalling block from Simple stories and just added rubons and used a die cut butterfly which l've stamped and added a brad.....simple, the week 6 block is one of the core cards with a old Making Memories number which again l've just stamped , but it smudged abit oopps sorry, This week l also made a keyring holder, well so of, l already had the frame so l just had to screw in the hooks, another simple project, the word keys are not on the frame itself, but are just rubons on the photo, l was so sick of the keys just dagg'in around on the bench, so now they have a home...........YAY.The block to go with the key holder are Kaiser craft rubons and a tag from My minds eye, and a key from my stash.
Also a pic of my supergreens drink that l take daily, and have now for over a year, its full of so much goodness, l have found this really helps with problems l've had going through the stupid peri-menopause period of my life, lm trying to keep all things as natural as possible.
This week l've added a 6x12 page as well, with a quick review on the thigs that happened daily and a pic done the bottom of my box hedges after l had trimmed them , l added a bit of paper and some stamps from Ali Edwards and on the back of this is a pic of my cat that just likes to snuggle up to me while l flick around on the computer, she is such a smoocher, l've added more of Alis stamps to this with some old paper from Basic Grey
The 6x12 pocket is one that l made using a 12x12 pocket which l have just sewn and cut to fit, another one of Ali's great ideas. (THANKS ALI ). Ok, on to the second 12x12, l brought some lovely yellow flowers this week, and just added some greenery from my own garden, l love having flowers in the house, and a pic of some garden pots l replanted, on Friday afternoon l hired the dvd THE HELP, lve been waiting for it to arrive in the store, What a amazing story of courage and strength from a group of women from different races, and the fight for the right to be acepted for who they were, highly recommended watch. Then l have a pic of the supermarket where l shop, oh l hate shopping for food, but still l suppose we that to fed the troops, and last is a photo of Brody and his new girlfriend Mikaela, so scrappers that was my week, so l hope eveybody else had an enjoyable week.
Well l better get cracking now and go and do some housework so l can then look at eveyone else's week, see you all next week.

Monday, 6 February 2012


Hi there to all the project lifers, so we are up to week 5 already, l cant believe how quick the year is going,well my week has been a bit quite this week and only one double page, but it is done , so here we go, l started off with a photo of my diary on the first week of Febuary which has some lovely roses and l just used stickers from my stash to put the number of the week on.
This week l had some stamp'in goodness turn up, so nice to be inspired by new products , the card l made in the 3x4 pocket is for my card class that l teach, and l customer sent me a beautiful thank-you note, which l just stuck on to one of beckys cards from the kit, and just quick note about and pic of my new little phone pouch that another customer found and thought it was me, and l so love it, it also protects my phone and so easy to now find my phone in my bag.
Also 2 new books l brought off ebay.
dont you just love my phone pouch. The weekend was filled with doing a bit of family research at a historical society about my nanna and our baby of the family turned 17 on the Sunday, so he gets to choose the family meal for the night, l forgot to take pictures of the meal, l did take pics of Brody blowing out his candles but they didnt turn out well for some reason, so its just a pic of his candles and the card, that l made him, oh well better luck next year, so that was my week , nothing to exciting, but it is documented, l suppose some weeks will be more slow than others, l hope everybody else had a great week and l cant wait to see them loaded on the Creative Moms website.
So see you all next week hope you all have a good one..............kate