Monday, 20 February 2012


Hi there to all project lifers, wow, week 7 already, where are the weeks going, well its been just a average week here, nothing to exciting happened, but is was the week of LOVE, l have to tell you something amazing, when l was taking photos for last week , one of the days we had was just perfect, there was no wind or rain , just lots of sunshine and not to hot or cold, so off l went with my camera and started to take a pics of the sky, l didnt want to miss such a perfect day, now fast forward to monday and off l go to get photos developed, get them home ready to scrap, and l just happen to notice the shape of one of the clouds,it was in a shape of a heart, well how amazing l thought, then l thought ld just check what day l took it, well of course it was on valentines day, so anyway, other photos l took were of some florist and gift shop displays that l saw, the reflection on one of the windows was a bit spoiled ,but oh well, some of the other pockets lve just decorated with LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE bits and pieces
lve also added another 6x12 page again this week, the first side is about our valentines outing, we dont buy each other anything anymore, l think its all got a bit commercial and the price they put on flowers just for that one day is just over the top, so we celebrate our day with a day or night out for dinner together , which we did on sunday and not tuesday, on the other side of the 6x12 are the cards we gave each other, l made mine of course, on the top part of the page l used one of Ali's Stamps and just stamped all over the background and then used the same stamp in a different colour to go in the centre.
Next page lve added a pic of a rose magazine that my mum had sent me and the note that she wrote,the note also had a blackspot recipe for roses, using all natural products,so lve popped that into one of the pockets, l love the way dated it and had the address on it, great to look back on in years to come, as to when it was sent and where she loved at the time, thanks mum. Also a fish that David caught and a run down of what we did on Saturday, went to Westfield shopping centre, had KFC for lunch and went to a scrapbook shop, so that was my week.
well l hope you all had a great week and a lovely Valentines Day, see you all next week.


  1. Very romantic and beautiful pages this week!

  2. Love your pages, Kate! Love the pink/red! Great photos, too! Hugs!