Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Have l told you l love Aqua.

Morning to all happy bloggers, just pop'in back in with a few more Aqua finds to show you, this is such a happy colour and has really lifted my spirits having it in the house, dont know why l didnt do it a long time ago, a few of the items l already had, and lucky enough lve been able to find just a few more little bits of Aqua to brighten my days, This is my new Aqua mirco fibre dishcoth, which l havent used yet, its oh so pretty sitting in my bucket, this one just might have to stay dry, its too nice to use.

l also found on my travels some teatowels to brighten up the kitchen, and the cook book  was given to me a couple of mothers days ago, of the wonderful Aussie Master Chef  Julie Goodwin, great recipes in this book, all basis recipes from Julies family, l love simple cooking,  and so glad the colour matches my new

This chest of draws is part of my family room, l dont have  alot of bench space to display my deco pieces, so l call it my display area, and the items get changed around when get sick of the look and need a change, sorry its not a great pic, the book and stand  and the candle holders and frame are items l had , the little frame and dish are new, l might have to get better pics to show you.

Here is part of the family room, which l feel still needs a bit  of work on getting it the way l want, everything here l already had, but the Aqua cushions are new and l found them at spotlight and couldnt  go past the bargin price of $10 ea,

and  a dear friend would knew l was changing colours in my house , brought this candle for my birthday, what a treasure she is, anyway thats  all on the Aqua updates, until l find,  so whatever your doing today have a good one and be sure to pop back soon to see what else lve been up to............kate xx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

It all started with a aqua bucket

Hi there happy bloggers,well it seems forever since l posted, and l have been busy making changes , the spring weather seems to do that, in my last post l talked about needing a colour change and so it began, back in July when l started  Ali Edwards  Week in A LIFE project l had brought a Aqua bucket for  my laundry, not knowing then how much it was going to play an important role in my house, after all it was just a bucket, l have always loved this colour ,  but l never seem to buy any items for my house in this colour , even though l tend to use it in my scrapbooking and stamping, so spring arrived and the sun starts to shine the beautiful daffodils are up making happiness in the garden and life starts to feel better, so after a long winter, which sometimes feels forever, l wanted to bring some bright happy colours into my house, l didnt need to make any major changes , l just wanted to lift things , so l walked into the laundry one day and saw that aqua bucket and presto !!!, that was the colour, so then the hunt began, l wanted to start with my bedroom , as l always feel better when it looks nice, l couldnt afford to spend to much money, cos' thats less money for scrapp'in, so l revamped a black photo frame, l went and brought some white spraypaint and sprayed that dull boring frame white, then painted the white mat board Aqua (now my fave colour ) and added letters to the photo sections, which also had to be painted white , and with a little Aqua bowl by my bed and a new cushion , l now have a bright and cheery bedroom.

 the bucket that started it all.
this is what my bedroom looked like before, nothing wrong with what l had, but lm over the red.
Ta Dah........... Lov'in my new colour.

and now l can dream away in my new room.

and my little aqua cute.

 and this is my other halfs side, sorry my darling , but l think the car has to go, or maybe l could get out the trusty spray

and lm just going to share another little project l did as well, and as you can see, its not aqua, l have had these large letters from Making Memeories for nearly 5 years,  and was always going to use them in my scrap book, but life gets busy, life changes and craft projects get forgotten about , when new ideas come to mind, these letters represent our childrens names and after 5 years of storage  and a blank canvas l had'nt used either, it was time to do something, so with a bit of black paint, some paper from last years Stamp'in up range, its done and on the wall.
Well thats all from me today, hope you enjoyed my projects, and stay tuned for more up and coming Aqua projects.......thanks for looking..................kate