Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Have l told you l love Aqua.

Morning to all happy bloggers, just pop'in back in with a few more Aqua finds to show you, this is such a happy colour and has really lifted my spirits having it in the house, dont know why l didnt do it a long time ago, a few of the items l already had, and lucky enough lve been able to find just a few more little bits of Aqua to brighten my days, This is my new Aqua mirco fibre dishcoth, which l havent used yet, its oh so pretty sitting in my bucket, this one just might have to stay dry, its too nice to use.

l also found on my travels some teatowels to brighten up the kitchen, and the cook book  was given to me a couple of mothers days ago, of the wonderful Aussie Master Chef  Julie Goodwin, great recipes in this book, all basis recipes from Julies family, l love simple cooking,  and so glad the colour matches my new

This chest of draws is part of my family room, l dont have  alot of bench space to display my deco pieces, so l call it my display area, and the items get changed around when get sick of the look and need a change, sorry its not a great pic, the book and stand  and the candle holders and frame are items l had , the little frame and dish are new, l might have to get better pics to show you.

Here is part of the family room, which l feel still needs a bit  of work on getting it the way l want, everything here l already had, but the Aqua cushions are new and l found them at spotlight and couldnt  go past the bargin price of $10 ea,

and  a dear friend would knew l was changing colours in my house , brought this candle for my birthday, what a treasure she is, anyway thats  all on the Aqua updates, until l find,  so whatever your doing today have a good one and be sure to pop back soon to see what else lve been up to............kate xx

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  1. Your touches of aqua are lovely ... such a gorgeous colour.