Thursday, 6 October 2011

lm back

hey there happy bloggers, cant beleive its been so long since l posted,lve been so busy decorating the family room, painting furntiure, and made a quilt to match my new colours, l will show you these pics soon, l was so excited to get the job done l forgot to take before shots of the furniture, but will show you anyway, but before that, a few posts ago  - seems like forever now, l said l was working on some scrap pages, l couldnt show you back then as they were for a comp, well that has finished and guess who won........... YAY - it was me, so thanks to Kylie and Mel from Make A Page Scrapbooking, if you havent seen their website make sure  you pop over for a look, , they have some great scrapbook product and always some sort of comp. So now l can show you my pages.
Our son just loves the great outdoors.
Both garden pages are from a place where l use to work, 6 acres of garden and lots of garden art, it was a joy to be in her garden its so pretty.

 our cat Squeaky who died not long ago, bless his heart.
Pics of the floods that seem to be a yearly thing at the back of our place.
Our beautiful girl Miss Lu-lu.
Our youngest son the painter.

My first published scrapbook page.
My spring tulips, ,so thats all today, will be back soon, so whatever your doing today, have a good one.............................kate xxx

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