Monday, 26 March 2012


Hi and a big welcome to week 12, this week l have a huge post of photos to share, l have done 8 pages, WOW , our daughter turned 21 this week, and as part of her present she wanted to swim with the dolphins and seals, so we booked with a company at Sorrento called Moonraker tours and off we went, l went along as a sightseer and david and kirsty did the swimming, it was a 2 1/2 hour trip to get there, the weather was'nt the best, cold and windy, but it was a great expirence. We were a bit unlucky and didnt get to swim with the dolphins , even though we got to see them jumping in and out of the water, a fishing boat and sunk in the bay earlier that morning and 30,000 litres of oil had washed into the bay, so the dolphins were swimming closer to the shore line to keep away from it, so it just was'nt possible to get into the water, but where the seals were at what they call the Chinamans Hat, where all the male seals live, was further away from the spill and eveybody was able to get in and swim, the seals were amazing, as soon as the boat pulled up, the younger seals all started to jump into the water, as if they knew they had friends to play with, they were so friendly, so here are my pages, the start of my week , l went on a teddy bears picnic and of course we had to take a bear, l took Annie, a bear l made about 10 years ago, this l am hoping to be a family heirloom that l can pass down to one of my grandchildren one day, when they come along,
This week l have used a insert from We R Memory Keepers and also a 8 1/2 x11 insert as well and style A from Becky, l included heaps of items from my stash, paper is from MY MINDS EYE 6x6 paper pads, lots of rubons this week from different companys, and most of the tags l used are from MME, l love that the WRM pages have a long strip down the side , just under 2", and is great for headings or to crop smaller pics and the use of smaller tags, on this page are pics of Sorrento, we had fish and chips on the beach before we went on the boat,
here lve done a 8x6 photo of one of the seals, l dont know if you can see it or not, but it looks like he was posing for me and his mouth is open , so it looks like he is smiling, it kept it simple, by just adding a few tags and a few stamps from Ali Edwards, gotta love that photo strip of hers.
here lve used another 6x8 photo of david and kirsty on the pier, the paper and large tag and brad are MME, the ticket stamp is from Tim Holtz, a stamp from Ali and celebration tag from 7 GYPSIES.
This page l had to add, on the way home we got stuck in roadworks, we were so tired and hungry and just wanted to get home and then we got stuck in this, David thought l was mad , taking photos of the signs and cars, but l think it was still part of our everyday life exprience, so l added it. and now a few close ups.
So there you have chickens, another week done and dusted, lm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has come up with, one of the things l love about PL is that its global and everyone is at different stage of seasons and we get to expirence their snow pics when we are having summer and now we are getting into our cooler months and overseas is starting to warm up, so while we are taking Rustic Autumn pics , we get to see the start of your spring, with all the beautiful spring flowers poping up in your pages, l love flower pics, anyway have a good week everybody, see you soon.

Monday, 19 March 2012


Well hello week 11, this week lm as proud as punch, lm getting the hang of photoshop and managed to get the text on some of my photos until Sunday when l had a little hiccup and had to ring my sister, she sorted it all out and lm up and running again. This week, lve done a page on living in Romsey for 5 years, where has that time gone, 5 years already, lve used photoshop on the bridge photo, and on one of my sunflower pics, other things that happened this week are , trying out some vanilla organic shampoo and conditioner, we had a near constant 2 day thunder storm,lve never heard of a storm lasting that long. Wednesday meditation and on the weekend l had a garage sale and this week l brought the most beautiful sunflowers
this week lve tried to keep it simple and used Beckys core cards and some paper from simple stories, used letters from American craft and stamps from Stampin up and Ali Edwards.
on this page, is a pic of the storm that had just started to brew and my meditation mates, my sale and new shampoo and conditioner, oh that vanilla its smells beautiful lve used a mix of different letters - websters- basic grey- ruby rock-it - and more stamps from stampin up- Kaiser- Ali and Fiskars. This week lve also done another insert- suprise - l brought these magnificent sunflowers, and lm so happy with the way they turned out and the text on the photo, but wanted to keep the layout simple.
the paper is from Kaiser craft and stamps from Ali- stampinup and jenni bowlin, the journaling l wrote about something my mum has often told me , that Yellow always brings a bit of happiness to the garden, so every time l see Yellow l think of mum. l needed something else for the back of the insert so l did another sunflower pic that l had and thought l'd make it look a bit rustic, l added the paper then sewn around the edge and then tore the paper , added one of Ali's stamps and tags from simple stories.
well thats it from my week, and l cant wait to check out all the other girls layouts over at the creative mums site , l hope everyone is still enjoying this just as much as me............cheers .....kate

Monday, 12 March 2012


Hi and welcome to week 10, first of all l'd like to thank all the PL girls who make the time to look and leave a comment, lm thankful to you all, and also thankful for all the girls that give away free journaling cards for everyone to download, this week l used some j/cards from Miss Tiina, this set is so bright and colourful and it was a challenge for me to try and incorperate them in with what l had, l dont normally use alot of brights, so overall l think it turned out alright. So here are the first 2 pages.
So this week l've mixed things up a bit, cards are a combo of Beckys core cards, and miss tiina, used some rubons from making memories and of course l've used Ali's stamps, also tried a bit of embossing on my photos, even though the embossing came up alright, the photos buckled a little with the heat, is there anyone else out there that has any ideas on this method, feed back would be grateful. This week l have a pic of Lu-lu, who loves to snuggle up on the bed at night, and also my new shoes (thong marks and all)and a cute little pray book , the words in this book are so beautiful, l thought it would be a good idea to pick a verse out every week and scrap something about the it.
sorry , but this pic is so blurry
second page are bits and pieces on my sister, who kindly sent me her photoshop elements so l could see what all this digi stuff is all about, but of course l have no idea where to start with it, so on Saturday she gave up part of her only day off to talk me through on how to use it.l also included the letter she sent me, and the other part of this page is on the veggies we buy, all fresh and full of goodness, my diet at the moment is very very basic, due to peri- menopause, my body just wont tolerate much, no sugar, dairy or wheat, its amazing how these foods effect me, so fresh veggies are good, lve used a mix of stamps from Stampin up Ali and Kaiser Craft.
Also this week is another insert, l really love doing these inserts, might be a weekly thing l think, l thought this week l would love to do something extra on my sister, just to say thanks for always helping me , l feel so blessed that l have such a beautiful sister, and on the flip side of the insert are 3 cards l made for class.
So that was my week, and just another quick thank-you to the lovely Jessica over at the creative mum, who everyweek lets all us PL girls load onto her site to share our work...........cheers kate

Monday, 5 March 2012


Hello to all project lifers and HELLO March, so here we are into week 9, and just before l go on to the pages, l hope everyone over there in the states is safe , and hope that none of my new friends were involved in that hurricane , what a mess we have been seeing on tv, all our prayers go out to you all. Well over here in Australia, we have just hit Autumn, we have also been expirencing funny weather, l live in Victoria and l really feel we have'nt had much of a summer, we have had so much wind and rain, and now more flooding, l live on top of a hill and we seem to get more wind, which drives me nuts at times, but when the floods come, l am ever so grateful. l hope you all have had a great week otherwise and taken lots of happy snaps for PL.
Ok, so here are my pages, this week lve used lots of my Ali Edwards stamps and rubons and also stamps from stampin up to decorate, my story this week begins with my A.Studio stamp sets arriving from America, and the begining of the new season - Autumn, lve used the new elizabeth stamp from SU and also an older set which has the seasons and a pic of the fog that was creeping up to my back door on the 1st day of Autumn, also took a pic of my diary for the 1st of March, on Sunday morning l took a pic of my beautiful crabapple tree which is bursting with fruit, maybe this year l will give jam making a go lol , so lovin the colours of this fruit
Ok, this week lve added another 6x12 insert, l love adding these inserts, it gives me so much more scope to tell my story, so the second page and the insert are mostly about friday, l had to nick over to Kyneton and get my dog clipped, so my friend Meg came along for the ride and while we were waiting for Lu-lu to be all prettied up we went for a look down Historic Piper Street, this street is one of the original street in town and still has all the old shops, which has now been made into lots of cafes,gift and artist shops, we went to one of my favorite shops called Lauriston Press, which has amazing art work - pen and ink drawings, and lots of natural decorations of twigs and birds nests and nature pictures, and l just love this old bike that sits outside of country habit, we went and had a cuppa at Mr. Carrisa's , what a beautiful old building and been kept very rustic on the inside, just love the huge numbers above the fireplace, so one side of my insert tells the story of the coffee shop and our day in Kyneton and the otherside is on Lauriston Press, she has the most amazing birds nests.
for the inserts , lve just typed onto white cardstock, lined around my writing, cos l dont have overlays and fancy things, and even if l did, l wouldnt know have to use them anyway - lol - used rubons down the side, some My minds eye paper a tag lve had for a years and of course, one of AE STAMPS.The flip side of the insert, lve used SU paper, more rubons from Making Memories, luggage tags, and a combo of SU and AE stamps, so thats it from me this week, hope your weeks been great. see you all soon.