Monday, 25 June 2012


Welcome to week 25- Wow we are nearly half way through the year, can you believe it, This week has been a bit sad here, My uncle has been struggling with cancer for the last 15 months and on Friday he lost his battle, but also a blessing that he is in no more pain, so we say Good-bye to him,  l made all of Kens family a card each, l used the old world camera from one of Ali Edwards stamp sets and some Tim Holtz washi tape the had cogs and mechanic bits on it as he was a keen photographer and he also loved making things and of anything, mucking aroung with nuts and bolts and screws, so l thought that was the sort of card his family might like. Monday and Wednesday , David back at the dentist and they have finally taken out the tooth that was given him trouble after much debate over why he wanted it out,this tooth had already been filled twice and the dentist wanted to do a root canel for the price of 1,800, 00 - like who can afford that anyway, just imagine all the scrapping goodies l could buy -LOL.
Popped in other quote in the top corner which says- AS YOU GIVE JOY TO EVERY PERSON YOU MEET, YOU BRING JOY TO YOU, THE MORE YOU CAN GIVE JOY TO OTHERS THE MORE YOU BRING BACK TO YOU, This is from the book The secret.

I think buy now anyone who has been reading my Project Life blog will know how much l love my books and last week l had documented that so far this year l had read the total of 15, well you can add a few more now, when we were at Clunes looking around the book shops the other week, l came across one of the books in a set of 5 that l wanted to read, this happen to be the second book, so l grabed it and thought l'd read it and if it was any good then l'd try and find the others, well l could put it down and had it read in a day and a half, so l looked around  ebay and found the others and have now read 3 and on to the 4th, the book called the long table is bits and pieces of her life with her favorite family recipes, these books are on Marys life,  her day to day struggles and heartache along the way, finding a long lost sister after 50 years, an affair in France , how she deals with a mid life changes ,  and so on, Mary was a well know T.V presenter on a garden show in Austraila  and at the age of 50 decided to throw it all in and move to France on her own for 6 months, some critics bagged her out for airing her dirty linen, but l think she's one gutsy women for telling the world her  story, and the other bits this week is about  a wonderful horse called BLACK CAVIAR, what a beauty she is, she has had 22 starts and 22 wins, AMAZING, this week she raced at Royal Ascot in England and won by a nose, l think now she has proved to be one of the greatest horses in history and they should bring her home  and let her rest and breed from her, instead of thinking about the money she is making for the owners,to much greed in this world,  my grandfather was a horse trainer and l do love going to the racers every now and then, but  David and l are not betting people but we love watching her race, so we stayed up after midnight to watch her race , her racing colours are salmon and black., so thats about it from me this week............cheers.

Monday, 18 June 2012


Hi and welcome to week 24
not alot happening around here this week, theres been lots of work out in the garden , weeding, pruning, planting and transplanting, raking up leaves to put back on the garden for mulch and all that kinda stuff, and this will be my first lot of lemons from my tree that l planted 2 years ago, YAY
also david had a trip to the dentist this week only to find out that they couldnt pull his tooth and he needed to go to a dental surgeon- FUN-  so anyway over to the pics of the week.
This week lve used some stamps from stampin up and washi tape from October afternoon, still love this stuff, patterned paper from Kaiser craft, the Today was stamp from Nicole Reeves and a little jenni Bowlin tag on top of the reciept from davids appointment , which  says For Your Immediate  Attention , which l just stapled on.
Taken pics of some of my garden art, l really dont have a lot of it, and l so love anything old and rustic and when l  saw this metal wreath made out of wire and all the iron flowers  l just had to have it and lm also a fan of anything white in the garden and so this sign fitted in well.
I did a little spread  on how many books lve read so far this year, total of 15 , the book title paper is a 6x6  by Kaiser craft and also the letters are from them and more washi tape from October Afternoon, the tag on the Becky Higgins filler card is Jenni Bowlin and the stamp is MME, the scroll is from the same set, next 6x4 pocket is my Quote for the week, WHEN I STARTED COUNTING MY BLESSINGS, MY WHOLE LIVE TURNED AROUND, This is by Willie Nelson the singer, the paper is from MME 6x6 paper pad and Hambly washi tape and a butterfly from collections that l stamped SO HAPPY on to and a little aqua button.
So there you have it, another day, another week and more of lifes blessings documented, see you all next week ..........cheers

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Good afternoon everyone and morning to some, depending on where you live, while most people on the other side of the world are enjoying their spring, we here in Oz have just turned to winter and OH my, its starting to get oh so cold, last week l walked around the town taking pics of the Hertiage buildings in our town, and boy was it cold, my poor hands were frozen, and l thought why am l doing this on such a cold day,this is crazy,but l so love doing PL l continued on with the mission.
I have taken heaps of town photos, but lm not putting them all in this week, l thought ld just do some extra pockets and add them in at the end of this album, which is nearly full, l will trying to fit 26 weeks into 1 album and then its time for a new one,  at the moment l have my PL in a white American Crafts 3 ring album, but because its constantly getting handled and used, the white cover is getting a bit grotty, so l have lashed out and brought the black album from Becky Higgins, cant wait for it to arrive. so anyway on to my week.
On the weekend we enjoyed a trip to a place called Great Western, David has been doing up and old 1935 chevy pickup and is always on the look out  for parts, he spotted this treasure or rust bucket however you want to see it on Ebay and was able to just go and get the parts he needed off it, it was a 3 hr trip and we took a different route on the way home and went through some beautiful Historic towns, which we thought we would love to go back and check them out, we both love our History.but anyway l seem to be rambling here..............., so we went to Great Western, and while we were there it just so happens that it is also the resting place of my GRT GRT GRT Grandparents from Scotland, we actually were on a grave hunt about 12 months ago and went to see this grave but because we had been to so many cemeteries on the day l forgot about the flowers, so since we were in the area l picked the last bunch of flowers from my garden and popped them on their grave, James and Margaret Mc Ouat  arrived in Victoria from Stirlingshire in Scotland in 1853 with 4 of their 6 children, and only months after arrival they lost their 2 daughters, they had also lost 2 other daughters in Scotland, Margaret died in 1869 and James in 1887.
I have included 2 inserts this week , one on the gravesite and one on the old treasure truck.

Next page are the town pics and the beautiful arching trees that l see everyday, when l drive down our street and come to the crossroad this is what l see the  beauty of art in nature, and just a few  details about the town becoming established , l love how all the old buildings had these wonderful arches, so here are the pics
So thats it this week, wishing you all well for another week  of PL.........cheers for now