Thursday, 8 November 2012

project life posts

Hi everyone, l now have a new blog, please pop over to  kate@ everyday life  at , would love you all to join me.

Friday, 2 November 2012


Hi to everybody, hopefully lm back in the swing again, lve had trouble loading my photos, dont know why, lm not a computer geek and really know nothing about them , all basic stuff, but tonight lve been clicking and pushing buttons trying to get things to work, l dont know what lve done , but something is working and some (not all) of my pics have loaded, this is weeks 33 and 34, sorry you wont see all of it.
l am up to date with PL, and will take pictures tomorrow and try and load them and see if they work.
lm not going to go into much explaination of the pics,  as l have another 10 weeks to talk about.
We had a day in the park with the ducks, spring time in my garden, books l read, some artwork l did and art gallery event l went to, and a story on our cat., hope you enjoy my little bits and pieces and be back soon..............kate

Thursday, 16 August 2012


So we are back with week 32 and here are the pages.

checking out a art gallery , they have the most wonderful work.
Bits and pieces of my practise art.
My first big piece with calligraphy.
Heres my black chook, not the best chook in the world , but l love him.

so that was week 32, if you would like to read anything on this week , you will have to go to the previous post, and sorry but l will have to re-take pics of week 31 as for some reason l still cant seem to get them to load, thanks for looking ...........kate

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Hi all, finally getting back to post the last 2 weeks of PL, l have had my pages done each week ,but haven't had time to post, l will start at week 31, this week l pruned my roses, and popped in some cards l had made for my monthly card class, but the most exciting thing this week was  l started art classes again, when my kids were little l took some folk and decorative art classes, after six months l was then teaching them, l taught for 5 years and was lucky enough to have 5 projects and a profile published in a craft magazine, l then took a break and renovated our home and thought that maybe one day l would go back to it, the last time l painted was in 1998,  so now moving on to 2012, l have had the urge to paint again and wanted to try something different, so this week l started to learn watercolour painting, which is oh so different to what and how l was taught many years ago, lve been doing lots of practise and feel lm getting the hang of things again so lve added a few pieces of works lve been playing with on practise sheets.
 And now lve written the start of my blog, l cant seem to get my photos to load, this is going to have to be a TO BE CONTINUED post, SORRY, and l was so excited to show you all , be back soon

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Welcome to PLweek 30, where oh where is the time going, here we are at week 30 already and christmas will be here before we know it,  This week we have a pic of brody and olivia,  Olivia hates her photo being taken, so it took a while to convince her to have it taken after what seemed like  forever nagging her , she finally gave in after Brodys comment that l wouldn't leave them alone till l had a photo, he said 'Now you know what its been like here for 17 years. LOL.
During the week l started taking the dogs walking again, they absolutely love this and l always feel so much better after a good walk, the only problem is that when Lu-lu sees another dog all she wants to do is try and fight with them, which makes it difficult as so many people use the same track, l think we might have to do a bit more training, as she thinks the walk track belongs to her and on the day l took her and gus together it was even worse , its a bit hard to try and control both dogs, when other animals are arounds, l think l will have to come up with plan B on the exercise program.
On friday after card class l went out to lunch with the girls, lve been so lucky finding a great bunch of girls in this area- who are so fun to be with and lots of laughter, while we were at lunch, we bumped into Annie Phelan , one of our local actress's in the area, Annie  has played many TV roles over the years and at the moment she is in Winners & Losers, she is such a lovely down to earth lady and was happy to have her photo taken with us.  On sunday l taught a childrens card class at the neighbourhood house, and while l was out David whiped up some steak and kidney pies for himself, he was a chef in another life and l dont eat pies and l dont do kidney at AT ALL ,so he has to make them himself. The back part of my insert this week is a little story on my Mum and Dad,  they have been seperated since l was about 10 ,and it did take many years before they saw eye to eye on many things, but for the past 28 years they have had a great friendship, they see each other most days for a cuppa together, Mum invites dad for tea, he is always invited to family gatherings, dad even helps mum around the house, theres a quote that says FAMILY- WE MIGHT NOT HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER BUT TOGETHER WE HAVE IT ALL,  and this is so our Family, so the story goes that on Sunday Mum & Dad went out for lunch together, to celebrate what would have been 50 years of marriage, l thought this was so funny, but a beautiful story of a great friendship, l really think they would be lost without each other.

So that was week 30, hope you have all had a good one.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Hi all and welcome to PL week 29, this week we have had better weather, still cold but not icy, things are happening in my garden and sprring feels like its on its way and l cant wait, spring is my favorite month, even though some days it can still be quite cold , but it also seems that the worst of the winter weather is nearly over and the sun will shine again- Yay for spring.
This week lve used a tag from Cosmo Cricket as part of my title with a couple of Jenni Bowlin number banners, love that little yellow flower on the tag, this week l found my first daffadil in the garden, other years my bulbs have flowered in spring and even though l can see them getting to that stage, l was suprised to see one in bloom, l added a sticker from MME which says  SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU, its a real joy to see some yellow in my garden, it always makes me feel good.
Other things this week, is a picture of a bandaid on my arm, as it was time to get my hormone levels checked, so l had to have a blood test. Also in the garden this week my winter roses are in flower, hellebores are their proper name, so pretty in winter.

On Friday it was time to take Lu-Lu our dog over to get her clip, l had been putting it off as it is still so cold, lm really not fussed on her fur being cut , l prefer to have her with a bit of length, but oh well at least it grows and in a couple of weeks she will look normal again, l haven't take a pic of her because l had so many other photos to add to my spread this week.
So our day in Kyneton while we waited for Lu-Lu is spent in Piper St, where most of the historic buildings still stand, years ago this street was dying and has now been revamped into a wonderful place to eat and have coffee and lots of little shops , some with Antiques and Art, others that have country and industrail items, its always fun to look around and stroll the streets and look at all the old buildings, in this street they have left all the original signage, which l love,  most of it dating back to the 1920s and is now all hertiage listed, So lve added pics of these .

So here we have one of the painted walls, and a pic of some art work in one of the windows, you can really see the drawing, it is a pic of a cow , a sheep and a pig  standing on top of eachother, and the owls are from the same shop, they are made of some sort of plaster and are plant holders , l thought they were quirky and cute. The bike paper is from MME and the badge from  Studio Calico, love their stuff.  This page is a page pocket D that l have cut down .

The reverse side of this pocket has a leaflet advertising art classes which l would love to do one day, they are ink paintings, the artist also hand paints ink cards and they sit in this collection of antique wooden sewing machine draws, very affective.

My one and only daffadil, but oh so pretty.

Door signage and my winter roses.
Mr Carsisi make a great chamomlie tea, and more signage at the local nursery.

More advertising at the industrail shop, and a couple of filler cards, the archive sticker are from October Afternoon.

A closer look at one of the handpainted cards, its a bit hard to see, but its a parrot on a branch, love those little birdies, so theres another week, thanks for looking and if your passing by my blog and have found it interesting please take the time to say hi and leave a comment, l would love to hear from you...........cheers

Monday, 16 July 2012


Hi Project Lifers, this year is certainly zooming by quick and here we are at week 28, this week l have bulbs popping up in my garden everywhere, cant wait for spring when they are in flower, l did a 6x8 this week of bulbs just starting to shoot up in my garden urn , l was also  able to catch this beautiful little honeyeater bird outside my kithen window, he or she is so pretty.
A few weeks ago a brought the series on dvd called Larkrise to Candleford, what a great series it was to from BBC, the same people who have made Downtown Abbey, it is based on the true story of a young girls life growing up in a small market town in the late 1800's, in England, it was brilliant . This week was also my Dads birthday, he turned 73 on friday the 13th ,  Happy Birthday Dad ,David flew to Sydney for a work meeting, l cooked some yummy choc gluten free  and 80% less sugar muffins on sunday, this week l also became a distributor for magnesium Karma rub, and lastly just some silly pics of me being silly of course, here are the pics.

so theres week 28 done and dusted, hope you all have a good one ...............kate

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Hi  to all and hello to week 27 and hello to cold frosty mornings, that was part of things captured this week , we have lived on top of a hill for the past 5 years and its not every often we get frost up near our house, but this week it looked like it had snowed it was so white,  it was on our gravel paths and a light covering on top of my hedges, it all looked quite pretty.
This week l added some packaging from some scrap goodies l got, that little camera is the cutest.
And this week we meet Olivia- Olivia is the new girlfriend of our youngest boy, this is the 2nd girlfriend that we know of this year, lucky l was able to go back and check when that was , week 6, so that didn't last long, well anyway Olivias here now and has fallen in love with our animals and dont ya think they are lapping up all the attention, Olivias not fussed on her photo been taken ( another one) so we have some picks  of her with puss in a 6 x 12 insert, on the back side of this are pics of the bonfire that was lit on saturday night, Todd invited his mates  who he grew up with and they cooked a spit and they drank to all hours of the morning, and we got rid of 5 years worth of rubbish - yay.
lv'e popped in another quote this week, l thought one on friendship would go well considering Todd had his mates here- FRIENDS ARE  THE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT IN THE RECIPE OF LIFE., So heres the spread.
Frost in the paddocks and in my garden.

well there goes another week, thanks for looking, c u all next week