Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Hi all, finally getting back to post the last 2 weeks of PL, l have had my pages done each week ,but haven't had time to post, l will start at week 31, this week l pruned my roses, and popped in some cards l had made for my monthly card class, but the most exciting thing this week was  l started art classes again, when my kids were little l took some folk and decorative art classes, after six months l was then teaching them, l taught for 5 years and was lucky enough to have 5 projects and a profile published in a craft magazine, l then took a break and renovated our home and thought that maybe one day l would go back to it, the last time l painted was in 1998,  so now moving on to 2012, l have had the urge to paint again and wanted to try something different, so this week l started to learn watercolour painting, which is oh so different to what and how l was taught many years ago, lve been doing lots of practise and feel lm getting the hang of things again so lve added a few pieces of works lve been playing with on practise sheets.
 And now lve written the start of my blog, l cant seem to get my photos to load, this is going to have to be a TO BE CONTINUED post, SORRY, and l was so excited to show you all , be back soon

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