Friday, 2 November 2012


Hi to everybody, hopefully lm back in the swing again, lve had trouble loading my photos, dont know why, lm not a computer geek and really know nothing about them , all basic stuff, but tonight lve been clicking and pushing buttons trying to get things to work, l dont know what lve done , but something is working and some (not all) of my pics have loaded, this is weeks 33 and 34, sorry you wont see all of it.
l am up to date with PL, and will take pictures tomorrow and try and load them and see if they work.
lm not going to go into much explaination of the pics,  as l have another 10 weeks to talk about.
We had a day in the park with the ducks, spring time in my garden, books l read, some artwork l did and art gallery event l went to, and a story on our cat., hope you enjoy my little bits and pieces and be back soon..............kate

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