Monday, 5 March 2012


Hello to all project lifers and HELLO March, so here we are into week 9, and just before l go on to the pages, l hope everyone over there in the states is safe , and hope that none of my new friends were involved in that hurricane , what a mess we have been seeing on tv, all our prayers go out to you all. Well over here in Australia, we have just hit Autumn, we have also been expirencing funny weather, l live in Victoria and l really feel we have'nt had much of a summer, we have had so much wind and rain, and now more flooding, l live on top of a hill and we seem to get more wind, which drives me nuts at times, but when the floods come, l am ever so grateful. l hope you all have had a great week otherwise and taken lots of happy snaps for PL.
Ok, so here are my pages, this week lve used lots of my Ali Edwards stamps and rubons and also stamps from stampin up to decorate, my story this week begins with my A.Studio stamp sets arriving from America, and the begining of the new season - Autumn, lve used the new elizabeth stamp from SU and also an older set which has the seasons and a pic of the fog that was creeping up to my back door on the 1st day of Autumn, also took a pic of my diary for the 1st of March, on Sunday morning l took a pic of my beautiful crabapple tree which is bursting with fruit, maybe this year l will give jam making a go lol , so lovin the colours of this fruit
Ok, this week lve added another 6x12 insert, l love adding these inserts, it gives me so much more scope to tell my story, so the second page and the insert are mostly about friday, l had to nick over to Kyneton and get my dog clipped, so my friend Meg came along for the ride and while we were waiting for Lu-lu to be all prettied up we went for a look down Historic Piper Street, this street is one of the original street in town and still has all the old shops, which has now been made into lots of cafes,gift and artist shops, we went to one of my favorite shops called Lauriston Press, which has amazing art work - pen and ink drawings, and lots of natural decorations of twigs and birds nests and nature pictures, and l just love this old bike that sits outside of country habit, we went and had a cuppa at Mr. Carrisa's , what a beautiful old building and been kept very rustic on the inside, just love the huge numbers above the fireplace, so one side of my insert tells the story of the coffee shop and our day in Kyneton and the otherside is on Lauriston Press, she has the most amazing birds nests.
for the inserts , lve just typed onto white cardstock, lined around my writing, cos l dont have overlays and fancy things, and even if l did, l wouldnt know have to use them anyway - lol - used rubons down the side, some My minds eye paper a tag lve had for a years and of course, one of AE STAMPS.The flip side of the insert, lve used SU paper, more rubons from Making Memories, luggage tags, and a combo of SU and AE stamps, so thats it from me this week, hope your weeks been great. see you all soon.


  1. Love all the details you include. Love that you've included the photo of the nest!

  2. Great week Kate. I love that your cards are so scrappy - I wouldn't have a clue where to start.

    Wish we were getting some cooler weather up here in Townsville.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great job Kate! Love your title card. Hope you have a great week! I answered your question about the book on my blog. (haven't read that one yet)


  4. Your albums looking terrific , I love using the inserts to, makes things much more flexible

  5. Looks great! Love using the inserts! I have even started to be okay with cutting down a larger insert to fit what I need!So many options!

  6. Your pages look great! Love the crabapple tree. I love that I can look back to my project life album from past years to see when things started blooming and when the grass turned green etc.

  7. Hi Kate!
    Love your pages!
    Love all of the stamps and rub ons you used!
    Great photos, too! Wish it was Autumn here! Hugs! :)