Monday, 6 February 2012


Hi there to all the project lifers, so we are up to week 5 already, l cant believe how quick the year is going,well my week has been a bit quite this week and only one double page, but it is done , so here we go, l started off with a photo of my diary on the first week of Febuary which has some lovely roses and l just used stickers from my stash to put the number of the week on.
This week l had some stamp'in goodness turn up, so nice to be inspired by new products , the card l made in the 3x4 pocket is for my card class that l teach, and l customer sent me a beautiful thank-you note, which l just stuck on to one of beckys cards from the kit, and just quick note about and pic of my new little phone pouch that another customer found and thought it was me, and l so love it, it also protects my phone and so easy to now find my phone in my bag.
Also 2 new books l brought off ebay.
dont you just love my phone pouch. The weekend was filled with doing a bit of family research at a historical society about my nanna and our baby of the family turned 17 on the Sunday, so he gets to choose the family meal for the night, l forgot to take pictures of the meal, l did take pics of Brody blowing out his candles but they didnt turn out well for some reason, so its just a pic of his candles and the card, that l made him, oh well better luck next year, so that was my week , nothing to exciting, but it is documented, l suppose some weeks will be more slow than others, l hope everybody else had a great week and l cant wait to see them loaded on the Creative Moms website.
So see you all next week hope you all have a good one..............kate


  1. I love the way this is growing! And especially like that photo of the candles ... Yes, cute phone pouch!

  2. I'm new to your blog and your PL. Your album looks amazing. You include the best details :)

  3. Love the variety of things you're including in your album. Oh and yes, that phone pouch is adorable!

  4. Your pages look great Kate! Love the little Hello circle you added. Love how you included the books you bought. Have you read the book "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo? It is phenomenal!

    Hope you have a great week! Thanks for stopping by my blog!