Sunday, 6 May 2012


Hi all, well lm back for weeks 17 and 18, last weeks PL was ready to load and then l realized there wasn't enough downloads left, the kids had used up everything, NOT HAPPY, but anyway we are now back on track, Week 17 wasn't a big week as l have been busy will other projects and forgot to take everyday pics, so l did a spread on my family tree Quilt that lm making, when l journaled about it on my card l had added up the couples of the main tree, as in parents , grt grandparents , grt grt grandparents and so on through the lineage of the family and got the total of 33 couples, then this week l realized l had forgoten a few and the total is now 48 couples that we have traced back on both sides of mum and dads family, all these names are being embroided onto the quilt, the quilt at the moment runs the lenght of my queen bed, so lm thinking now with all the names that l have , l will have to to front and back with the names instead of just a normal material backing, this is now turning into a bigger project than l first thought, but a wonderful family keepsake to pass down to the family, so anyway getting back to scrapbooking , that is part of week 17, the next insert is a 8x12 page on the most beautiful rainbow that appeared at the back of our house on the monday afternoon, l've always wanted to capture a rainbow and have been unlucky till now, l haven;t done anything on the back of this 8x12, as lm waiting to get more info on the Lone Pine tree that was planted in Romsey back in 1971, the seed came all the way from Gallipoli and once established was planted in the memory of all the fallen and returned servicemen, l dont know how everyone else in the world celebrate there servicemen, but in Australia, we celebrate ANZAC DAY on the 25th of April, this event is now bigger than Australia day, God bless all these men who fought for own country, so l did a little spread on that as well, so here are the picks.
Now on to week 18, still busy stitching and so l thought it would be nice to take some pics on some of the things l love in my house, also some garden stuff, my garden is still blooming away, and cant believe how much its still flowering at this time of the year, we are only 4 weeks away from winter and l still have a garden full of roses and daises, and the next page is on my new ironing job, its been really hard to find work at the moment, so lm doing some ironing for other people, its not everyones cup of tea, but at the moment it suits me and fits into my daily routine, and also one of my pet hates - cleaning the bathroom, scrub scrub scrub, but l do love it when its done, but l do have to really and l mean really have to motivate myself to do it., so theres another week done ------ YIPP'EE
This is my rustic french teapot, dont know if its meant to be for a plant, but l so love my ivy growing through it.
other things l love in my house is my huge blackboard, l would be lost without it,l also love anything about nature and hearts, so here are a few more things in my house.
the letters on the canvas is something l made a while back, l just glued some newspaper and music print onto the canvas and stuck on this huge letters from making memories, and painted the side black, the leters are for each of our children.
YAY----- lve finished, sorry if its been PL overload, see you all next week, Week 19 can you beleive it.


  1. Wow what lovely pages. I especially heart that black and white page with the letters on canvas and the hearts - simply beautiful. I'm also really digging those alphas you used on the Family Tree and Quilt cards.
    I know what you mean about housework, I have to promise myself a reward (like watching a great tv programme) just to motivate myself to get it done sometimes. Music helps though - a great soundtrack even makes housework bearable!

  2. That rainbow shot is fabulous! Your pages look great!