Monday, 21 May 2012


Hi all, here we are at week 20 already, when has the time gone, its getting colder here and only a week off from winter and its really starting to feel like it too, l think our autumn has been mild ,so l hope our winter is too, so moving on to PL, not much happening here this week, lve not really worked too much on my quilt , but must get back to that, lve been doing some scrapping instead, trying to catch up on childhood photo on me and the other half, l felt l really struggled with doing the larger layouts this week and wasnt entirely happy with the way they turned out, l think l was in such a hurry to get them done that my mind wasn't on the job, but oh well, they will have to do. This week l used some large Making Memories Number on my title page, just love them and on the oppisite side l used a transparency, l brought these a long time ago from spotlight, l think they might be from the Bella range, not sure, but l so do love the way it looks, happy with that. This week lve been lighting the fire late in the afternoon, this is our dog gus's most favorite spot , lve added a tag from Echo Park that say I COULD'NT BE HAPPIER - this is so true about him, he would lay in front of the heater all day if he could. Added one of the dvds we watched on the weekend, l didnt think it was that good, so l made notes on that on more Echo park journal card. This week lve also done a bit of embossing on my photos, l love doing this , the embossing does not always turn out the way it should, but l dont mind a little bit of the rustic look here and there, the embossed photo is from the t.v week mag and circled is my favorite friday night show, Escape to the country, every week after watching it l dream of one day living in some old converted barn with a beautiful cottage garden, well maybe one day and then theres notes on that and Saturday night.
Now onto the second page, my bedside table with the books l am reading, one on the war and one on the second last women to be hung in England, a bit of embossing on the book pic with one of Ali's stamps and 2 more squares on the family tree quilt, these are the names of one set of my great grand parents on my mums side, ALBERT AND MARGARET, and a bit of info on them Albert sailed as a one year old on a boat from England to AUSTRALIA in the 1860's with his parents and siblings, so nice to have a bit of info on them , but l would love to know more about their everyday life.
l dont know if anyone else has been having troble with blogspot, for some reason my profile has dissapeared from its usual spot and now lives at the bottom of my comments space, l dont know how that happened and lm not sure on how to get it back in the right spot, so sorry about the werid page, lm hoping that when l publish this post it might come back , if not l will have to go to plan B and see if l can get someone to fix it, well anyway thats all from me, have a great week everybody......cheers


  1. Lovely pages Kate - Escape to the Country is one of my favourite show too!

  2. great pages Kate. I like your diversity in what you put in them.

    blogspot is behaving for me but I've had weird things happen over the last year that just seem to fix themselves eventually.

  3. Beautiful, Kate. Those books you're reading look very interesting. I love the family history you're incorporating in this project - and if you do get over to Scotland, we definitely have a coffee date!