Monday, 23 April 2012


Hi there to everyone, hope you all have been enjoying your week, its been another busy week here, not really doing much but enjoying playing with new goodies and trying to get some extra layouts and projects finished, so not a big PL this week, but l am adding in the layouts lve done . Last week in my PL l took a pic of a frame that hangs above my bed, and l had interest from Alexa for a better look, so will be adding that in as well, its just a simple photo frame that lve had for a long time, which l revamped about 6 months ago , all l did was take out the matting board and painted it a aqua sort of colour, painted some scrap letters and added some cardstock behind the letters, at the time the aqua was fitting into the colour of things in my room, but l really was'nt sure, so l left it and l thought it would grow on me, so 6 months on l happen to find the large @ letter that l scrapped about last week also and that changed everything, l didnt really need to do to much, but the aqua did have to go, it was a simple process of just taking out the mat board and repainting it black, and lm so happy with it and the way it looks with the dark browny - black colour of my bed, and think its so much more me, well at the moment anyway, so at the end of the post you can check it out. Now getting back to my PL week, the first page is just a few of my favourite things this week, the changing colours of Autumn leaves, not really the best shot , favourite show at the moment is THE VOICE, that keith Urban is so so hot, and l love his music, l have 5 of his cds, must to my hubby disgust, he likes something a little bit heavier, his still living in the 70's and 80's,also scrapped my new MY MINDS EYE PRODUCTS and AMY TANGERINE LETTERS, so thanks to Kylie for always getting great scrap goodness for me, and this weekend l have worked at finishing a quilt that l designed last year, l wanted to do a quilt on spring , my favourite month, l was born in spring, l feel Spring is full of so much happiness, l love that everything is new again, more sunshine after the winter months and new things popping up in the garden, so now its all done , and the second page l dedicated to the great ship the Titanic which was not so unsinkable, it was 100 years last week that this tragic event happened and really should have been in last weeks PL , but l had already done 2 inserts and 2 double pages, it would have been overload, so l added it this week instead, so here goes.
As much as l love doing PL, lve been missing doing my larger layouts, this are the last 2 pages for one of my family tree albums
This is my uncle , who is now nearly 80, he was abt 2 years old when this was taken, and the next one is my pa with his sisters, not long before he died


  1. lovely PL layouts and full layouts too Kate. I'm quite the opposite as I am not missing doing full layouts at all atm. I don't know if that will change down the track but for now I'm incorporating PL in my older albums as well.

  2. Great PL pages - love the Voice card and the Titanic parts. I love your full page 'trad' layouts too - the one of your Pa with his sisters is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Love your page from 1934 - such a sweet photo and I remember little boys looking like that in the 50s. Your PL pages are really coming on apace, and what a good idea to include some current events things too ...