Sunday, 8 April 2012


Hello and Happy Easter to everyone, l hope you all got lots of chocolate and are having a wonderful break, but on to PL, week week lve spent time in the garden, trimming hedges , potting up some Viola's, they are the beautiful orange and purple, l've taken pics of my Japanese windflowers, one of my many David Austin roses and my most favourite garden book 'VELVET PEARS', this book is a must for anyone that loves gardening, and is about a lady who makes arces of her land into the most beautiful garden l have ever seen, its been written in a sort of diary form, l suppose its similar to our blogs ,she goes into detail of family events, recipes, spending time in her garden and how it all came about, all with the most beautiful pictures. This week, l found my first Strawberry, our second second Josh and his girlfriend Jess came home for the weekend, it was so nice to have all the boys together, and capture a photo of josh and Brody together, and on Sunday it was Easter, even with our eldest being 25, todd still wanted to hunt for his eggs, so josh wanted to join in as well, but Brody was just happy to get a box of chocolates, This week l've used lots of things from my stash and it would'nt be me if l didnt add some stamps, so here we go for this week.
So all in all it was a great week, but there is more work in the garden to do and it was just wonderful having most of our family for Easter, l hope everybody is still enjoying this as much as l am, love sitting down on sunday afternoon putting it all together, working out what lm going to use and what story lm going to tell, PL is just the best.


  1. These pages are lovely and glad you've had a happy time over Easter - amazed at your very early strawberry! Our snow is only just going ...

  2. Easterrific pages, Kate! And I love the strawberry photos - I saw some on someone else's blog too and now I so badly want to go strawberry picking!

  3. Great pages Kate. I love that you even get time to do gardening!! Keep up the good work - you are so inpiring!