Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Hi there happy bloggers, sorry for the long wait for my project, but its silly season madness , and so so busy,  but anyway here it is.

the ornaments were made using the white air dried clay called DAS, you just roll it out and then l used my stamps to imprint the picture , and then painted and cut out with a cookie cutter.

these are the hearts l made as well with the doiley stamp set.

my decorations have now also gone up, l must take a night shoot of this, the letters are surround by star lights and it makes the wish letters stand out, looks so good at night time.

love this silver tree.

and of course l brought some aqua deco's for the tree this year.

l just love these words, l also have PEACE and JOY, but could'nt seem to get a nice shot of those.

the last couple of years l have been collecting birds for my tree.

more aqua.

and l also love all sorts of stars.

these stars l made a few years back, they are wooden stars that l painted white and added a bit of bling in the middle and some rub ons that l had, simple as,and the last star on top of the tree.

and heres my tree.

well thats it for now, l wish you all a merry and safe christmas, peace and happiness to all and hope to see you all again in the new year, l dont know if l will get time to post again before the big day, so if not cheers till then............kate

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