Monday, 28 November 2011

Garden time and other bits & pieces

Morning happy bloggers, not much happening on the scrap and card front today, but l will be sharing a project that lm doing at the moment, but firstly, l wanted to share some garden pics with you, l just love this time of the year in the garden, we are having a few hotter days now with a bit of rain and thunderstorms thrown in here and there, but theres nothing better than just walking around checking whats growing, even if it is weeds and seeing what roses can be picked for inside that have'nt been to damaged from the rain, so for anyone who loves flowers as much as me keep looking, then l'll get on to my project.

Check this rose out, what a beauty, l couldnt wait to see this in full bloom, l waited and waited, watching the buds form , then slowly they started to open and wa -la here she is, this is a new David Austin rose that l brought this season, called Princess Alexandra of Kent, is'nt it just so beautiful, and the scent is to die for .

another one from my garden called Loving Memorie, a big rose and smelly.

These were a bit rain damaged ,but still nice , its called Elina, its a large rose when it opens , but sadly has no smell, its a real shame, but its one of those roses that last a long time in a vase, it was the first rose l ever brought when l started gardening years ago, and when we moved from our first home l dug it up and brought her with me, l have actually transplanted her a few times and this tough old bird  just keeps on going.

this one is Red Intution, from Delbard roses, its two toned red and lasts  well in the vase too, so enough on rose and on to my lavender.

Heres a full view of my lavender ring, l was lucky enough that when l was in the garden  there were about 6 white butterflies gathering around and l was able to get some close ups, my camera is only a point and shoot, and l would love to one day own one of those fancy fang dangle cameras that have all the filters and bits and bobs that go with it so l can take alot more close up pics  that dont looked blured , so even though l did use the zoom and l didnt have my glasses on at the time and l was'nt all that pleased  after l took the shots, it was'nt till l loaded them on to the computer and saw them in larger form that l thought that they were'nt to bad, for my point and shot anyway.

lm no profesional when it comes to photography, but one day, l'd love to learn all the tricks to the trade, and do a course, l'll have to put that one on to my bucket list, but for now lm happy with my butterfly pics, l just wish they would stay still long enough to get one when their wings are open,
So now after all this garden talk , l suppose you would like to see what project l;ve been up to.

 l thought l would make some decorations for my christmas tree this year , the idea came from a magazine l was reading where  a talented lady was making bowls and trinkets from air dried clay using doileys to press onto them to emboss a pattern, so when Stampin up brought out this set of doiley stamps, l thought l'd give it a go and see how they would turn out,  but thats all lm going to show you for now, they have nearly finished drying and lm going to paint them this afternoon, so l will be back to show you the finished product latter today......sorry to tease you and make you wait, have a great day and l'll be back soon...........kate

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