Saturday, 19 November 2011

My spring garden

Hi happy bloggers, only a few weeks now till summer and we have had the most wonderful spring, it would have to be my favorite month, l actually love all the seasons , they bring their own special touch to the garden, but spring brings the burst of the first flowers and makes the garden come alive, l dont have any cards or scrapbooking to show you today, so if you would like to see where l spent the rest of my time , then keep looking.

Our home and garden is built on a hill, so we have all different levels, their was no garden here when we brought it and we have made lots of gravel paths and raised garden beds, this is part of my rose garden, which has a beautiful ordermental pear in the middle, their is another large kidney shaped gareden on the oppisite side and in the middle of both is my ring of lavender where my garden angel oversee's everything.

 this is my crab apple tree in flower, which has now finished and would have to be my favorite flowering tree.

my hedges and standard roses behind them, inbetween the roses on the other side of the hedge are shasta daisys, which all look stunning in full bloom.

walking back up to the house and up the steps are seaside daisys  which billow over the rock wall  and the butterfly bush under another standard crabapple tree.

 more hedges and standard flowering almond, which is the first to flower in late winter,in the pots l have 2 of the new david Austin roses called Claire Austin, named after his daughter, they are just about to flower and l cant wait to see them as l have only seen them in a book, lm sure they will be just beautiful.

this is walking down our driveway and into the garden.

 the lavender ring, with my sleeping angel.

BEAUTIFUL roses from my garden, the orange coloured one is david Austin's summer song and is surely one of my all time favorite and has the most wonderful scent. Well thats all today, l hope you can go out and enjoy your garden today , where ever you might be , whatever the season, and if its winter or Autumn where you are there  is still joy to be found in the stillness ,for the beauty to arrive soon............cheers .......kate

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