Tuesday, 20 December 2011

For Claire

This is for you Claire, l could'nt fit all the page pockets in one post for some reason, and have done this in a hurry so the photos are just so so, there are 2 posts to look at, l was telling you about how l love these pockets so l thought l'd just quickly post some. Above are flight details, scraps that l love to k

these are from our yearly trip to Sydney for hubbys work break-up.

while he is at his meeting l wander about and take pics, these are some of the city and Hyde Park.

all different trees around the city.

this is the Susans window diplay , done in 12x12, l did send it in for publication, but it was knocked back.

Fight details, l love keeping all the bits and bobs of info.

hope you like the page pockets, they are from WRM Keepers.......cheers.........kate

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  1. Ooohhh thanks Kate - I love these pages and yes I love the divided page protestors too. So easy to use and collect bits and pieces in. I can't wait to follow your journey with Project Life next year too!