Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Welcome to week 26, Yes we are now half way through the year and lm still lov'in project life, its such a fantastic way to document your life, lm going to try and keep this post short and sweet today , as l have so much to do, it wasn't a busy week here ,not to much happened, so here are the pics.
Here are the full page layouts - left side.

right side.
Part of my week was finishing off the last book of Mary Moodys , this was such a lovely series to read, and my trip to Target, l had to buy some linen for my son and while l was there l brought 2 tops that were on sale $19 reduced to $9 , what a bargin, gotta love that, these  tops came with a little vellum  tag , so l added that to my photo.

This is a pic of my scrap space in the living room, its all crowded and l dont have enough space , my dream one day is to have a proper scrap room with better storage - every girls dream, the sticker is a old one from 7 Gypsies and some new washi tape with numbers on it.

l was able to grab a pic of our son playing his guitar, he hates his photo been taken , he has been playing since he was 8 years old and still loves it, thats his passion, l have used a  piece of washi tape on the side of the pic that says LIVE, LOVE , LAUGH , with tiny hearts, and more tape on the card, lm so lovin that washi tape, its the best invention ever. This week l also sat down and watch a very old movie that l saw as a young teenager called The Dirtwater Dynasty, l just happened to find it on disc, it was  a mini series many years ago and loved watching very mintue of it again, but forgot how sad it was , TISSUES  ARE REQUIRED.
Weather wise this week we have had  rain hail and a bit of sunshine, well maybe not so much sunshine , but on Friday we did get some hail , so heres ta bit of hail on our back deck, l added a couple of sickers , one from  October afternoon and the other MME.
This is my weeping Almond, it is one of the first flowering trees in winter, when l brought this tree, the tag said it was a weeping cherry, but they dont flower still early spring, my tree flowers in July every year, l just thought l was lucky and that it wanted to flower early, but when l looked into it a bit more l found out that it was a Almond weeper and not a cherry and they flower early, so someone has put the wrong tag on it in the nursery, how lucky for me, theres nothing flowering in my garden at this time of the year, so its so nice that this little mistake makes my garden look so nice when its winter.
Just another pic of the tree.
This pic is not real clear, its a pic of my diary page for June/July, its better in real life, but l thought l'd add it anyway, so that about it from me this week, hope yours has been good and that your still lovin Project  as much as l do. Catch you all next week.


  1. I love the way you say that not much happened and yet your PL pages are FULL! Lovely to look at ...

  2. Hi Kate - lovely lovely pages. That tree is beautiful - how uplifting to be able to look out at that in winter! xx