Monday, 23 January 2012


Hi there to all the project lifers, well another week in our lives has gone by and here l was thinking that l would'nt be able to find enough to scrap about or photos to take and this week l've managed to do 4 pages instead of two.
so here are a few things that happened around the home, roses that were picked from my garden, the arrival of my Ali Edwards stamps, the lemongrass candles l used for christmas that have now been reinvented in a nice black wire basket and the friendship of our dog and cat, ummm, this is a rare ocassion with our cat, as she only lets the 2 dogs sleep near her when she feels like it, but one morning last week l found them snuggled up together on the mat, Oh so nice.
The top photo is a pic of a pile of pretty postcards that came with a english magazine,sorry to all my friends , but they are to nice to give away and l thought l'd keep them as bookmarks for all the books l read, sometimes a couple on the go and the rest of all the bits and pieces are about a book shop that l love called Chapters, l kept the white bag and just cut around the tag and then cut down the little book marks that the shop gives away and stuck it onto one of the clementine cards, when l got my PL kit, l wondered what l would use the 10 of hearts card for. The bookshop Chapters run a point system ,for so many books brought, you collect dollars that can be used to get a discount off your next book or you can keep saving until you have enough to get your next book for free, and at the moment , we have $10 in points.
A few new things that also happened around our house last week ,l picked up our towels that l had on lay-by and when l took the car in for its service, it needed 4 new tyres, Ouch the price,and then finally the arrival of our new kitchen benchtop, good-bye to purple, hello white.
This page l have stamp'in up party bags that l had made for my first party of the year and the flyers and card l made for the party, another bookshop where david spent his christmas voucher and a pic of our son and his girlfriend, l used one of Ali's stamps on the journaling card, TODAY YOU MAKE ME SMILE, and l wrote WHEN YOU LET ME TAKE YOUR PHOTO, He hates his photo taken, but will pose for anyone once his had a few drinks, lol,  so that wraps up my week, hope you had a good one ...........kate


  1. Love how you're mixing the kit pieces with other supplies. Great pages!

  2. Great job, Kate! Love how you incorporated that BINGO card! Thanks for linking up on my blog! Hugs!

  3. Love your bingo card & the use of your alphabet stickers. I used lots of those too this week!

  4. It looks so great - and I'm totally envious of your Ali Edwards stamps!

  5. Fantastic, Kate! I love that you did 4 pages instead of two, and I love the things that you included.. like your new tires and your pets snuggled together! Keep 'em coming!! :)